Ten-Chi Kenpo



To all friends and students of Ten-chi Kenpo Karate:

We mourn the passing of Elliott Edwards, 11/6/2009

On November 6, 2009, Elliott Edwards passed away after a long battle with cancer. Ten-Chi Kenpo Ryokudan and head instructor of the Boston area dojos, Elliott taught and practiced karate, taiji and qigong. A lifelong scholar who gave freely of his learning, he taught the very young and the very old in equal measure, never begrudging his time or expertise. Elliott was a marathoner, a student of photography, a poet, and a scholar of American literature and Chinese traditional medicine. We will miss his knowledge, his teaching, and his fierce love of life.

Reqiescat in pace, 3/12/2009, Hanshi Norman Armstrong

On March 12, 2009, Hanshi Norman Armstrong passed beyond this world; founder and master of Ten-chi Kenpo Karate, Master Norman touched innumerable lives with his generosity of spirit, his remarkable and enduring teachings, and his impeccable personal example as a martial arts practitioner.

Hanshi Armstrong founded Ten-chi Kenpo Karate in 1974 and worked throughout his life to improve it, and improve the whole martial arts community. Without immediate family, his extended network of students, devoted friends and loved ones feels his loss acutely and remains deeply grateful for his instruction and his wisdom in the practice of martial arts.